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Home Staging that Sells

Selling a house today can be a challenging endeavor. More so if your home is located near a power plant, as in the case of Michelle Drexler of Waretown, N.J. She saw many drive-bys, but few made it through the front door. Ready to try something new, Drexler hired staging professional and Feng Shui practitioner, Grace-Anne Bertolami of Savvy Spaces in Point Pleasant, N.J. She was amazed at the results.


Bertolami’s home-staging recommendations follow Feng Shui principles, a Chinese philosophy of energy flow. As Drexler implemented the changes both indoor and out, such as paint, color and artwork arrangements, she noticed a shift in the interest of the house sale—it was showing signs of life.

Tricks that Open the Door

“I had two separate front entrances, which confused visitors,” notes Drexler. As a quick and easy change, Bertolami suggested to obscure the secondary entrance with a large plant. Drexler also brightened the walkway leading to the entrance with solar lights, grouped in threes. Bertolami advised Drexler to rearrange wall hangings, realign furniture and to cluster other decorative items in groups of three throughout the house.

Although the changes were relatively subtle, the impact was significant, Drexel notes. “With each change that was made, I had a showing of my home within 36 hours. Within 24 hours of making the final change, my home was in contract.”

Drexel adds, “This exercise brought a sense of order and peace to my home. Grace-Anne has a remarkable talent for space and beauty.”

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