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Make a Difference, Get Fit and Have Fun

Are you a runner or is walking more your speed? Believe it or not, speed is not an issue with the folks at the Jersey Shore Running Club (JSRC). Camaraderie and charity work draws most people to become a member of JSRC, notes past-president, Eric Mackellar.

“Although running is a common thread among members, the reality is a large percentage doesn’t actually run races. Instead, they might volunteer or help in our cause to support the community,” adds Mackellar.


Races and other events take place throughout the year, but from March to September, a different event is held almost weekly. Mackellar urges everyone to get involved with the running club. “There’s something in it for everyone,” he notes.

What you Get

JSRC membership has its privileges. Not only do members receive good discounts from local retailers but race registrations are also reduced. The best part: membership is cheap, just $12 a year and you also get the club’s much-anticipated newsletter.

Give it a Try

Consider volunteering, walking or running at the next race. Bring a friend or go it alone. Just be prepared to meet new faces and make new friends.

Visit for the updated events calendar or contact Eric Mackellar or any one of the club board members at

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