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Start Sailing with SailTime

Do you have a love for sailing but don’t have the time or the resources to buy, let alone maintain a yacht? You’re not alone. The price of a new yacht can start at $110k and that’s just the beginning. There are insurance costs, marina fees, maintenance and repairs to think about. Undoubtedly investing in a sailboat can be daunting. But, what if you didn’t have to spend all that money in order to set sail? Imagine having access to Hunter 33 and Hunter 216 yachts to sail morning, noon or night… and weekends. Enter SailTime Jersey Shore.

This world-wide sailing operation provides locals with membership—instead of ownership—to a fleet of yachts to sail at their leisure. “It’s like having your own floating condo—time share,” comments base owner and Captain, Cherie Kemper-Starner. “SailTime Jersey Shore is perfect for people that have been either toying with the idea of buying a sailboat or for those who know they want to buy a sailboat, but don’t have the time for upkeep.”

“In a shared situation, people can afford the lifestyle, without the guilt.” Kemper-Starner adds. The season runs from May through October with a fee under $7k. Eight members are allocated per boat and are guaranteed seven sailing sessions monthly – two weekend and five weekday sessions. In addition, members can schedule unlimited, as-available time at no additional cost.

This November, SailTime members are flying down to the British Virgin Islands for two weeks of Sailtime fun from November 5 – 12, 2009. Don’t miss out!

SailTime JerseyShore was founded in July 2008 and is based out of Ocean Gate Marina (exit 80) in Bayville, N.J. Mention this article to Cherie Kemper-Starner and receive a discount off your membership! It pays to read Jersey Shore Style! For more information about SailTime Jersey Shore, contact Cherie Kemper-Starner at 215-275-8037.

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