Jersey Shore Style Oreck Platinum Pilot

Shed Light on a Dusty Situation

Sometimes great discoveries occur by happenstance. Such was the case one evening when we spot cleaned an area rug using the Oreck XL Platinum Pilot vacuum. It’s twin LED headlights reflected light on the dust-filled areas that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. With one motion of the Oreck Pilot, the area was spotless. It played out like a well-orchestrated infomercial.

Jersey Shore Style Oreck Platinum Pilot at night

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, there are several things that we like about the Oreck vacuum. Most importantly, the air seems cleaner after vacuuming. Oreck has bucked the bagless trend and uses disposable bags, so that what gets sucked in, stays in. Low and high speed suction also makes it gentle enough for delicate Oriental or Persian rugs and high-traffic areas.

Easy maneuvering between carpeting and hardwood floors is another feature we appreciate. No longer do we need to guess what setting to switch the vacuum to – a blessing for the perpetually confused. It simply glides from one surface to the next. The LED lights, of course, are very illuminating. Who would have thought that vacuuming can be done with just the light of the Oreck?

Jersey Shore Style Oreck Platinum PilotThe Oreck XL Platinum Pilot is in a higher price range for home vacuums, and retails for $399 at Sears. Having used several low- to mid-range vacuums, the Pilot is worth every penny. The Oreck also comes with five annual tune-ups at an authorized Oreck retail store. There are two convenient locations in the area: Brick and Eatontown. When you bring your vacuum in for a tune-up, the vacuum will be thoroughly cleaned (all bags and brushes alike), its electrical currents will be checked to ensure your vacuum is running safely and efficiently, the belt will be replaced (experts recommend replacing a vacuum belt once every 6-12 months), and more.

As a bonus, the Platinum Pilot comes with a handheld vacuum, the Ultimate Handheld Vac. We used it to access small and hard-to-reach places that the upright vacuum couldn’t access. The handheld vac, which itself has a 20 foot power cord, comes with eight attachments – including crevice and upholstery tools, a dusting brush, and a shoulder strap – to tackle virtually every cleaning job you might have. The vac makes it easy to clean stairs, ceiling fans, and dusty curtains. It can even be used as a blower!

Overall, we found it to be a pleasure to use the Platinum Pilot. It can hang flat against a wall for easy storage. Although it can be cumbersome to use two separate tools – the upright and the handheld vac – we give the Oreck Platinum Pilot our stamp of approval.

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