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Tips for Keeping the Grass Greener on Your Side

Know a garden-lover? We know several, but according to a recent survey by Consumer Reports, for every DIY-landscaper, there are 4 people who say they would rather go to the dentist than pull weeds. Whichever side of the white picket fence you sit on, Consumer Reports has compiled a list of lawn tips and tricks to save you labor time — up to 60 hours per year, to be precise.

  • Let the lawn go brown during dry spells. Although the instinct is to water a plant that isn’t green, color changes indicate that the plant is merely going dormant to conserve nutrients.
  • Most grasses can survive up to a month without water. Instead of light soaks every day, try longer soaks sporadically throughout the month.
  • If your brown spots are too unsightly, the best time to water is right after it’s been walked or trampled on.

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