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Saluting the Sun on the Beach

LBY5Like yoga? Then head down to Point Pleasant Beach this summer for a yoga experience that will give new meaning to sun salutations. Led by certified yoga instructor Carrie Godesky, “Local Beach Yoga” is a donation-based, ocean-side yoga class held at Inlet Beach on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. We love going to these classes. Carrie’s fluid, graceful style will bring out the inner yogi in anyone.

These open level, Hatha classes are a fantastic morning pick-me-up. Around 40 people attend each class, which might seem big, but Godesky uses a sound system, so it’s easy to follow her through the movements. Hatha yoga typically features gentle stretching, breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques, which is why a beachfront setting is the perfect location for connecting with nature and getting centered. Plus, kids are welcome, so the classes are something the whole family can enjoy. And if they get bored halfway through, they can just play in the sand

LBY4Speaking of sand, these yoga classes requires special mats since regular yoga mats are gummy and will stick to the beach. We’re big fans of the selection over at, where you can find beautiful, uniquely patterned mats that were crafted in India. In addition to being eye-catching and nicely oversized, these mats also come with a handy pocket and water resistant pouch for storing valuables.

If you do decide to check out “Local Beach Yoga,” you’ll also get the added benefit of free parking in the Broadway and Ocean lot for the duration of the class. Just be sure to mention that you’re there for “Local Beach Yoga.”

And if you’d prefer to practice your yoga indoors, Vive Fitness and Sacred Om Yoga offer multiple daily classes for practitioners of all levels.

“Local Beach Yoga” is held on Mondays and Fridays from 7:15AM to 8:15AM, and Saturdays on Sundays from 8:00AM to 9:00 AM at Inlet Beach, Jenkinson North End in Point Pleasant Beach. The classes are donation-based with a suggested donation of $10.  Sacred Om Yoga Center is located at 726 Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach. Vive Fitness is located at 107 Route 35 in Point Pleasant Beach.

All images courtesy of Local Beach Yoga.

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