Tennis Anyone?

Tennis. Those who play it, love it, and we can understand why.

For some, tennis can be a vigorous and competitive activity that can burn more calories than aerobics. Others just play for the fun of it.

One thing for sure, the more you play, the more you want to play. It’s one of the funnest sports we’ve ever played. And hopefully, the company you keep encourages you to play more. This is one of the reasons why we enjoy playing at the Atlantic Club in Manasquan.

Hidden Treasures, Bargain Prices

Sometimes, when you go off the beaten path, you’ll find hidden treasures. Recently, our staff decided to try our hand at estate sale shopping at a home in Spring Lake. The event was hosted by Jennifer Wyckoff, owner of Decorate On A Dime in Sea Girt and Point Pleasant. It was a great experience on […]

When Harvey Met Sandy

When it’s sunny out, sometimes it hard to imagine how a storm could be raging and so ravaging elsewhere. Today, it’s a different story with the constant rain and wind, so reminiscent of our own storm from 5 years ago. The endless wetness, the fall-like weather. This was Sandy, and now, there’s Harvey. Our hearts go out […]

Retreat to Green Gulch

When life summons you to new places — a new job, a destination wedding, or to visit a friend — exciting things can happen when you look beyond the traditional. We recently found ourselves planning a trip to San Francisco. Rather than stay at a hotel in the City, we searched for a retreat. Spiritual […]

You’re in Good Company Here

We are being treated to beautiful blue skies and occasional torrential downpours. We hope you are getting outside as much as you can and breathe in the splendor and fresh coastal air. If you find yourself looking for something to do or someone to hang out with, well then, take yourself to the closest beach. […]

Fancy Some Love’s Labor’s Lost?

Take your Shakespearean hats off for this one, the emcee warned us at the onset of the performance. When you see the Quintessence Theatre’s adaptation of Love’s Labor’s Lost, you’ll know why. It’s Shakespeare with Americanisms throughout. Josh Carpenter plays the “fantastical” Spaniard Don Armado, and his performance is superb, and downright funny. That voice he uses! The cast gives […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Are you going to try to catch a leprechaun on St Patrick’s Day? We tried… and we are still trying. In the meantime, we’re getting ready to celebrate the day as intended. Here are a few places you can visit — Erin go Bragh. Harrigan’s Pub, Sea Girt St. Stephen’s Green Publick, Spring Lake Kelly’s, Neptune Rod’s […]

It’s OK

Truly. It’s ok to want. to desire. To let go. to make friends. to listen to music. to wear nice clothes, to drive nice cars. to care for the earth, to be respectful. to be civilized. it’s ok to design, and dress well. together or separate. with others is better. infintely. We have the opportunity […]