Welcome Warm Weather

It’s just 7 days before Christmas and today it’s a spring-like 60 degrees at the Jersey Shore. Does the warm weather change your plans at all? Still plan to go shopping at the stores, or would you make a break for the beach or park? Weather Changes Everything (or does it?) When we get pops of warm […]

Stylists to Follow

We love good hair. And we love our stylists. From time to time, we find ourselves appreciating them even more. Clarity’s Tracey Mahady is one of our top go-to stylists. We’ve been following her for a couple of decades now. (Wow. Didn’t realize it THAT long!) Tracey gave us the courage to let or natural tresses […]

Nine Ways to Improve Your Love Life?

The New York Times publishes a regular column about love and life, Modern Love, that catches our eyes from time to time. This one “Nine Ways to Improve Your Love Life” got our attention. Just like this article, “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This.” How can anyone pass up that headline? ‘Nine Ways’ […]